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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pot Calls Kettle A Central Planner

Pam Brown wrote:

PB) It's Hayek's distinction between unplanned order, cosmos, and
centrally planned order, taxis. We are for cosmos; Georgists prefer
taxis. (PB

Allodial libertarians let kings and conquistadors hand down to future
generations the royal authority to violate Lockean property rights and
collect subsidies from their neighbors.

Geolibertarians let market forces guide all locations to their best use,
by enforcing Lockean property rights and undoing subsidies.

The only "central planning" I've suggested is for the same public goods
that Pam would also centrally plan: courts, police, border defense,
streets, flood control, sewage and water pipes, etc. If it's "central
planning" to collect fees from the locations that these services
subsidize, then it's even worse "central planning" for Pam to collect
head taxes from tenant families in order to finance services that
subsidize land owned by free-riding absentee land barons.

And again: Pam's head tax is apparently mandatory, but I would let
landholders opt out of their land value "tax". Residents of such
seceded land would just be banned from the community's
streets/courts/parks/pipes, and the fine for trespassing would be equal
to the land's back taxes plus interest.