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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Eric Sundwall Cannot Resist

When Eric Sundwall disputes a proposition, he combines lame
argumentation on the proposition with stylish and exasperated insistence
that the real dispute doesn't involve that proposition at all. He
apparently does not see that the former attempt severely undercuts the

ES) if 60% found cannibalism desirable, it doesn't follow that staking
out a position on it is a good idea for the LP (ES

My thesis is that if 60% of Libertarians favor X and 60% of Americans
favor X and none of the GOP/DP/CP/GP favor X, then the LP ought to favor
X. "Pretend X=cannibalism" is not an interesting response -- on any level.

ES) My experience has been that abortion is split down the middle for
all Americans. (ES

I'll take polling data over your experience, thanks.

ES) Talk about confluence of predicates all day, but the average voter
votes their pocketbook and agree to disagree on the abortion issue. (ES

That abortion isn't a vote-tipping argument for most voters does not
mean that LP's position on abortion doesn't matter.

ES) The whole bloody point is parody (ES

When the LP can't be bothered to take the undefended moral/popular high
ground on an issue, it is indeed exhibiting self-parody.