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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

[cal-libs] Miller's ignorance re: carbon tax popularity

Brian Miller wrote:
BM) No crazy theories, slaveholder-era "political theories," or crazy complicated schemes  (BM
You can use such low-brow name-calling against the political thinking of Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison if you want, but very few of the rest of us -- libertarians particularly or Americans generally -- will agree with you.
Thank you for failing to address any of the facts in my comparison of the U.S. Constitution at age 60 with the U.N. at age 60, and for failing to quote Ron Paul actually saying that the rest of the Bill of Rights (beyond the Congress-shall-make-no-law First Amendment) does not bind the states.
BM) With your bizarre package of revoking the jurisdiction of the constitution over state and local government,  (BM
I've never advocated that, and I've told you repeatedly that I disagree with Ron Paul on the wisdom and textual basis of that position.  Thus instead of addressing the facts I cite, you simply make up your own facts about what I believe, just like you've made up your own facts about what Ron Paul believes (e.g. that he is "a statist on health care" and "voted for continued government spending on education").
BM) carbon taxes, etc., you seem intent on transforming our party from a mainstream movement for individual liberty into some sort of freak-show laboratory for fringe-movement extremism.  (BM
LOL. I'm the guy working to drain from the LP Platform its extremist poison -- like personal secession, immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws, and privatization of all streets.  I have a list of 18 such extremist passages from the 2004 LP Platform at  I defy you to come up with such a list for the Pure Principles draft that will be voted on in Denver.  Answering such a challenge would be trivial for someone who isn't fact-impaired, but would of course not be attempted by a smear artist.
Speaking of fact-impaired, you're simply ignorant about whether carbon taxes are "mainstream".  65% of Californians favor a carbon tax if the tax revenues are spent solely on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  And this isn't just in green-friendly California.  64% of Americans support a revenue-neutral shift of taxation onto energy consumption, and similar results obtain around the world: Italy (69%), South Korea (70%), the Philippines (66%), Brazil (65%), Egypt (82%), Mexico (64%), Kenya (78%), Spain (73%), France (79%), Turkey (78%), Russia (75%) and India (66%).
Meanwhile, your fellow Outright leader Rob Power is promoting a draft LP Platform that restores the kooky 2004 provisions for individual secession and immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws.  Will you be lecturing him about "fringe-movement extremism" before Denver, or not?