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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

RE: [marketliberal] Platform Committee Report v. Restore 04 v. 2006

Thomas L. Knapp wrote:

TK) The Restoration Caucus proposal would restore the 2004 platform, which does not include the 2006 Sexuality and Gender plank. (TK

Their thinking about the merits of the glorious three-decade legacy of the LP Platform has, um, evolved quite rapidly in the few short weeks after their petition was drafted.  First, Nolan began acknowledging that the PlatCom has been producing actual work, based on multiple past platforms.  Then, he started saying that the goal of the Restoration Caucus is to undo the Portland deletions but keep the Portland consolidations and refinements.  After that, he conceded that the number of planks would still be too many, and that significant plank consolidation has suddenly become advisable after a quarter-century of platforms with 60+ planks.  Now, Rob Power has finally posted the text of what is apparently the leading contender to be the Restoration Caucus' draft proposal, at, and it's a complete re-organization that is nothing like the 2004/2006 hybrid they were hinting at.  By now it bears very little resemblance to what the Restore04 petition signatories were told they were asking for.

All this has happened in roughly 9 weeks. It's 11 weeks to Denver, so I have no idea what their proposals will be looking like by then.

Meanwhile, the PlatCom remains pure evil for allegedly not considering the phantom Restore04 proposal as it evolved in secret, hidden from our view.