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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CHAT: Burdens and Pauls on PlatCom

Well, if those who want Steve to resign from this PlatCom would also ask a Ron Paul to resign from this PlatCom, then that certainly puts this matter in perspective for me.  At least Ron Paul has been accused as having once or twice urged Libertarians (via direct mail in the San Diego area about a decade ago) to vote for a Republican against a Libertarian.  I haven't heard anyone accuse Steve of doing that.
One LNC member leading the effort to remove Steve is a donor to Ron Paul in this cycle, and the other has petitioned us to restore a Platform largely written by two guys (Rothbard and Evers) who abandoned the LP to become Republicans and support (respectively) Pat Buchanan and George W. Bush.  (Ron Paul refuses to endorse Bush, and I doubt Steve endorses him either.)  LNC politics sure makes for interesting bedfellows.  Here's a thought -- how about judging PlatCom members by the quality and quantity of the work they put into the LP Platform?