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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Michael Breland wrote:

MB) If your brother is really interested, he can go to and get all the quotations and citations he could care to read, I personally do not have time to sit here and re-type every single one. (MB

Learn to read.  I didn't challenge you to "re-type every single one".  I challenged you to cut and paste a single one.  Make it your single best most clearcut example, so that I can then tease you about how all the rest of your examples are certified by you as even weaker than the one I demolish.

So how about it, Mikey?  Got game?

  1. Type a quotation mark.  (It's on the right side of your keyboard somewhere.)
  2. Cut and paste an official White House statement made before the invasion arguing for it.
  3. Type another quotation mark.
  4. Give evidence that the statement was false.  (Not merely misleading or exaggerated or incomplete or imprecise, but that its grammatical negation was true.)
  5. Give evidence that Bush KNEW the statement was false.
MB) isn't "libertarian intelligence" an oxymoron?  (rhetorical) (MB
The parenthetical fig leaf you used should have been more like: "(pathetic ad hominem)".  Or, given how many libertarians have fled (just like you) from my challenge, maybe: "(ironic)".