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Thursday, March 6, 2008

labeling parties

try to use only "nanny-state parties" when referring to the Ds and Rs.
I don't use "alternative party" as much as I should, perhaps because there are too many people who consider the two incumbent parties as alternatives to each other.
I also try to avoid using "Republicrats" and "Demopublicans", or "Coke and Pepsi" etc.  The D's are discernibly leftist, the R's are discernibly rightist, and to pretend they're indistinguishable marks us as politically illiterate.  More importantly, treating them as indistinguishable throws away our differentiation against the voter's other available choices (Green and CP).  We are the only party that has evolved beyond the obsolete left-vs.-right dichotomy, and are the only party that wants to legislate neither personal morality nor economic equality. When we suggest that the primary difference between the LP and the Ds/Rs is that they're in power and we're not, we suggest that 1) we would probably be corrupted by power too and 2) any non-incumbent party is as good as any other.
I will always believe that our marketing should be built around the Nolan Chart.  Does anyone know whether the Greens or CP ever try use the Nolan Chart and claim that they occupy the moral high ground on it?  I'd be very surprised if they did.