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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

RE: [LPC County Officers] 2 Major LPCA Volunteer Projects

) We're looking for the data that ThirdPartyWatch used to reach their conclusions at (

The voter registration totals are at

The vote totals are at and are still being updated, presumably for absentee ballots.  The LP total is up to 16479, from TPW's reported total of 16310 yesterday.

Note that these totals vastly undercount the RegLib vote, in large part due to not including write-in votes, which Eric Garris reported at were running higher than the votes for the nominal winner Christine Smith:

A check of major counties shows that, in each case, the number of “write-in votes” exceeded Smith’s total. For example, in Los Angeles, the largest county in the state (making up a third of the state’s population) reported 2,157 write-in votes, compared to Smith’s total of 746. Orange County reported 1,279 write-ins compared to Smith’s total of 352. San Francisco County reported 145 write-ins, compared to Smith’s total of 86. Alameda County reported 138 write-ins, compared to Smith’s total of 133.

I asked him last month where he got that data, and he said:

I called up the LA County and Orange County registrars of voters to get the county info. The San Francisco and Alameda county numbers were posted on their websites:

I found the Santa Clara County turnout numbers at  They're reporting that 1838 RegLibs voted, even though they record only 976 votes for ballot-listed candidates in our Presidential primary.  They don't indicate how many of the extra voters issued write-in votes.  Maybe we should have somebody in each county use web and/or phone to get that sort of data for his county?