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Saturday, March 15, 2008

RE: Cancellation of LP Central Committee Elections

I agree with Allen that questioning the intentions of non-dues-payers is not a good reason not to hold CentCon elections. My opposition to it remains rooted in

  • the blatant takeover loophole in sections 7800/7802
  • the rule in 7805 that authorizes ejection of any member who supports a non-LP candidate over an LP candidate
  • the rules in 7803/7851 that allow for sex-based quotas
  • generic opposition to the State setting rules for our membership and financing our internal elections with tax dollars.
I'm curious whether Allen would advise us to accept tax-financed funding our our state conventions if that were available.  I could see accepting tax-financed campaign funds and then only using them to advertise against tax-financing of campaigns, but I have a much harder time letting taxes pay for LP internal operations.
As I said in my race for ExCom: "Our RegLib count is more important than our membership count or budget size. RegLib count and votes received are the two best proxies for our most important metric: how many people are receptive to our message of increasing liberty."