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Thursday, March 20, 2008

RE: Palo Alto School Bond Debate

DD) I will be the moderator and if you were to give the answer below, I would have to point out that the money being asked for will be used to repair and renovate classrooms, not provide teaching  (DD
I might then reply that Safeway doesn't float any bond measures to repair and renovate their stores and warehouses, and yet I'm able to feed my children with the food I buy there, and they're able to turn a profit selling it to me. :-)
In all seriousness, one of things I'd want to review for your audience is the fundamental economic analysis of the role of government in education markets.  I'd also be reviewing the bond measure on its merits within the status quo perspective that accepts government near-monopoly on K-12 education, but I would hope that your members are interested in hearing other perspectives as well.  See the references below for more on the market-oriented perspective on education.  If that perspective won't be welcome at the debate, or if I'm supposed to be a spokesperson for a particular organized group that hasn't been identified to me, then I might not be the right person for your forum.
For a 3-page survey of the economics of education, see the article from the Concise Encyclopedia Of Economics at For a 12-page overview of how to improve K-12 education in America, see the Cato Institute's Policy Handbook chapter at See also the Reason Foundation's 2005 primer on K-12 education in California at