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Monday, March 24, 2008

RE: Palo Alto School Bond Debate

Allen wrote:

AR) You should just tell Diamond that the other signers are concerned that having you as the speaker/debater given your Libertarian connections, particularly the EC membership and candidacy, risks making opposition to the Bond look like some sort of specifically Libertarian cause or action, which of course it is not, that we have asked you not to accept the invitation, and that in deference to the team, you are in fact going to step aside. (AR

Fair enough.  I do want to get more involved in local politics, and was willing to let this debate help spur me in that direction, but it would be a significant distraction during the home stretch to the LP national convention in late May.   Two more LP presidential contenders today signed onto the radicals' Platform petition, and I really need to spend the next 8 weeks until our Denver convention focused on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to moderate the LP Platform.

Diana, I'm Secretary of the national LP Platform Committee, and in 8 weeks the LP convention will vote on my proposed rewrite of our Platform -- the first rewrite of the LP Platform since Bill Evers rewrote it thirty years ago.  Interestingly, Evers went on to leave the LP and win a seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Education before resigning a year ago to go work for the Bush Dept. of Education.  If we moderates/reformers in the LP are to succeed in replacing the radical Platform that Evers left us with, I'll need to be heads-down on this task with no real time to spare for debating the bond measure. 

Maybe next time.  :-)