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Monday, April 28, 2008

Alex Peak Says Infanticide Via Starvation Should Not Be A Crime

Alex, congratulations -- by agreeing with Rothbard that it shouldn't be a crime for parents to let their children starve, you may in fact have finally answered my question about what part of the 2004 platform you disagree with.  It said: "Parents have no right to abandon or recklessly endanger their children. Whenever they are unable or unwilling to raise their children, they have the obligation to find other person(s) willing to assume guardianship."  Do you think this language about a positive legal obligation should be in the LP Platform?
If you're right that Ruwart disagrees with you and Rothbard on whether it should be a crime for parents to let their children starve, then I'd sure like to know who Ruwart thinks would prosecute such crimes in Ruwarchotopia.
Google finds 275 hits for 'anarchotopia', so I didn't just make it up.  Google finds mentions of it on Usenet as far back as 1992. My records show I first used it on Usenet in 1991, but I'd be surprised if my use was the first. It's an obvious parallel construction to 'libertopia', which Google finds 9000 times on the web and on Usenet as far back as 1990.