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Monday, April 28, 2008

Draft LNC Resolution on Child Pornography

I emailed to Steve these five questions for tonight's show:
No, Susan, the only part of the press release that I liked is where it said "protecting individual rights is a core function of government".  Every other clause included some kind of ideological mistake, in my opinion.  By the way, I love how so many of our anarchist/radical libertarians are fair-weather constitutionalists, using that tainted foundational document of the vile State to bash their opponents when it's convenient.  When I (or a Ron Paul) recommends that we use constitutionalism as a way to promote radical decentralism and divide-and-conquer the nanny state, many radicals complain that doing so might give more power to state governments.
The draft LNC resolution posted by George is far better than the LNC press release, but still not flawless, because it needlessly gets into the grey area of the "distribution" of child pornography.  Here it is again:

“WHEREAS government has a proper role defending the rights of individuals, including those who cannot help themselves; and

WHEREAS government has a proper role in pursuing, prosecuting and punishing criminals who violate the rights of others; and

WHEREAS such punishment tends to serve as a deterrent against these criminal acts; and

WHEREAS young children are not capable of informed consent and require protection from those who will act as predators toward them; and

WHEREAS sex between adults and young children is a particularly heinous crime and pornography using children is inherently abusive; and

WHEREAS the government’s focus on victimless crimes diverts attention and valuable resources from crimes against young children;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian National Committee calls on state governments to divert resources from victimless crimes and vigorously enforce laws that prohibit the production and distribution of pornography involving young children and pursue adults who sexually exploit children.”