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Monday, April 28, 2008

Purer Than You

Steve LaBianca wrote:
SL) We need to do a better job of persuading voters that liberty is natural for the human condition, and when present, gives people the best chance at a happy and fruitful life. (SL
Exactly.  Reformers simply believe that this job is hindered, not helped, it the Platform is a straightjacket requiring all of us to defend personal secession, privatizing every street, unlimited immigration, no laws against consensual child prostitution, etc.
SL) We do not need to move toward the statist position, that is become more “mainstream” just because the Democrats and Republicans are. (SL
Do you really think that the reason reformers want to move the Platform away from official quasi-anarchism is because we somehow admire the nanny-state parties?  Wrong.  It's because we want to tear the fracking nanny state down to the ground, and we'll fight better if we aren't required to fly the black flag of zero-state-power quasi-anarchism.  There are more varieties of principled libertarianism in heaven and Earth, dear Steve, than are dreamt of in your narrow anarchotopian philosophy. 
Read the next two sentences ten times if necessary.  I think I'm a purer libertarian than you, and I will debate you on that question any time, any forum, at any length, but I don't need the Platform to certify that I'm purer than you.  I already know it, and I don't need you to admit it to fight alongside you against the nanny state. 
Can't you say the same thing?