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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pulling Shane Cory's Strings

Tom, as Denver approaches, I for now want to reserve the option of maintaining a general policy of neither confirming nor denying my involvement in PsyOps and black bag jobs.  (Is it a PsyOp to thus nurture this spark of paranoia in you?  I'm not sayin'.)
However, as a TPW moderator you apparently have access to IP address info about this Ruwarchy amateur, and yet I haven't seen you post an analysis of it.  And as for me being able to pull Shane Cory's strings, well, consider that it took me five weeks and multiple emails to pry from him -- an admittedly very busy guy -- a few numbers about pageviews on the platform page at
Of course, as a Yahoo engineer I just might know how to use open proxies, and my story above is just what you'd expect to hear from a Shane Cory puppet master who in fact can command a custom press release in just a couple days flat...