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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Reform Caucus Conspiracy

Woolsey has it exactly right.
Wes, it's not that we reformers wish for the LP magically never "to be mentioned in association" with legalized private WMD or legalized child prostitution.  That's not an achievable goal for a big-tent libertarian party.  What we want is for the LP to no longer be formally on record as supporting those positions.  The latter goal is quite achievable, as it only takes 34% of the delegates to block restoration of the extremist 2004 Platform.
Tom, I'm honored that you imagine me under every bed these days.  I can joke about it, because I'm sure you cannot fathom how extensive the Reform Caucus conspiracy really is.  No matter how big you think we are, we're actually much bigger.  Who do you think sabotaged the sound card on your computer?  That was us.  Steve's travel snafu on the way to Vegas?  Ditto.  That gum that got under your shoe a couple years back?  Check the dental patterns in it.