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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brian Miller Joins The Brian Caucus

Nothing in it misrepresented Ruwart, or even mentioned her.  Yes, many grownups in the LP had serious disagreements with Ruwart on substance, and criticized her positions either tacitly or explicitly.  Calling all such criticism "smears" is simply self-discrediting.
Comments so far by Mike Nelson ("disinter") failing to meet my challenge: 3.  I repeat it: 1) Type an opening quotation mark. 2) Cut and paste words actually emitted by Wayne Root about Mary Ruwart. 3) Type a closing quotation mark. 4) Argue that those words misrepresent Ruwart’s position(s).
Brian, except for noting his non-responsiveness and general irrelevance, I would suggest that the Brian Caucus resolve not to feed  this particular troll, especially considering his skills at self-caricature.