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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reputations Matter

Mike Nelson ("disinter"), the links you provide document no "smear" against Ruwart -- let alone an "admission" of one by Shane Corey.
I'll challenge you to do what Less Antman declines to attempt: 1) Type an opening quotation mark.  2) Cut and paste words actually emitted by Wayne Root about Mary Ruwart. 3) Type a closing quotation mark.  4) Argue that those words misrepresent Ruwart's position(s).
Unless you do so, I leave it to our readers to decide whether these unsubstantiated hand-waving charges about "smears" are themselves smears.
Reputations matter.  A lot of Ruwart critics did indeed smear her.  I condemned that, and if Root can be quoted actually smearing her, I'll condemn that too.  But I've been paying pretty close attention, and I didn't see it happen.