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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brian Miller Lectures On "Ethical Debate"

Brian Miller, I'm quite sure you've never "seen [me] debate the black urban condition with black men from Oakland", because as far as I can tell I've never "debated the black urban condition" with ANYbody -- especially not since you arrived in California last year and pronounced in one of your first messages to me that "hopefully, this spanking will prevent you from indulging in such childishness in the future".  Your claim that I "debate the state of women with women" seems equally fabricated -- to the extent that I can even tell what "debating the state of women" would mean.   I'd ask you to have the decency to substantiate these claims about me, but I've long since learned how pointless such a request to you is.
I'd also love you to try to actually quote me "lecturing black Americans, or women, or gay urban residents on 'reality'".  You're probably confused because I've had occasion to lecture you on the Outright forum for your decidedly real lies about me, e.g. message 3120.
Yes, I dare to have opinions about gay rights, even though I'm not gay.  I'm here, I'm pro-queer, get used to it.  True libertarians recognize that liberty is universal and indivisible.  Right before I was conveniently banned from the Outright forum, you attempted there to shout down those opinions by calling me a "heterosexual middle-aged white man" and a "straight white guy in suburbia".  That's not going to work here on TPW.  (Meanwhile, with me banned from your forum, nobody there has told your membership about the gay rights language that PlatCom adopted ten weeks ago after incorporating changes recommended by your Chair.)
Your fantasy that I claim "universal knowledge of every human condition" is simply fascinating.  It's right up there with LaBianca's description of a "mighty Holtz" who issues "decrees" and "holds his own view as doctrine and everybody else’s is just uninformed opinion".  Ironically, I'm at a loss to understand this brand of attempted sarcasm.
Last fall after I corrected your factual mistakes about 10 U.S.C. § 654 (Don't Ask Don't Tell), you said that "Brian Holtz's perspectives on gay issues are as enlightening (and relevant) as my perspectives on how to pleasure a woman".  Perhaps you've engaged in some personal growth since then, because now you confine your analogy to my parenting skills.  That's hilarious, since this thread was ultimately sparked by a controversy over balancing the rights of children against the demands of parents that children have legal protection from predatory adults.  If I'm the one of us with three young daughters and you're a confirmed bachelor, how is it that you're opining at such extraordinary length on TPW's favorite current controversy?
But the ultimate irony is you lecturing me on "humility and listening".  True hubris is deliberately stating falsehoods secure in the knowledge that you won't suffer any consequences.  As for "listening", one of us hears and answers every criticism of his character that the other offers, while the other engages in baseless and undefended character assassination -- and then lectures the TPW audience about "ethical debate".
OK, this is the part where Miller says he won't be responding to my lengthy post -- which is long because it takes me more space to respond to his attacks than his attacks themselves require.  Instead, expect more attacks like the following before we all get back from Denver:

“the people behind the platform nuttery are getting more deranged by the day.” – Brian Miller, March 6 2008

“Fortunately, the Republicans (including Ron Paul) are such homophobic bigots that [...]” – Brian Miller, Oct 31 2007