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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Steve LaBianca breaks my irony meter

Steve LaBianca, you just broke my irony meter.  Instead of assuming I haven't asked Dr. Ruwart any questions, you call me a "low-life" for not doing so.  In fact, I sent my "5 questions for Dr. Ruwart" ( to Steve Kubby eight days ago, five hours before her appearance on Steve's show.  I cc'd her prominent supporter Less Antman and several other prominent LPers, asking them to forward the questions to Dr. Ruwart (whose email address I couldn't find on her sites).  Steve promptly did so and cc'd me. I also posted the link to those questions in several threads here, and got a spike in traffic to my little blog.  I'm not saying Dr. Ruwart owes me answers any more than she does any other delegate, but she hasn't answered me yet.  (Her statement at the end of that week answered one of my five questions, however.  One down, four to go.)
My last comment was just straightforward reporting on what Ruwart has publicly said.  The speculation about her position on restitution-via-copyright is just an echo of a proposal by my radical friend Tom Knapp, who has vigorously defended Ruwart.  In fact, if you've "heard I'm pretty intelligent", a lot of it is surely because I repeat the best ideas I hear from smart libertarians like Tom.
I kind of like the rumor that I have a "drinking problem".  Let's keep that one going.   In high school my contact lenses often made my eyes red, and my friends kidded me that I probably smoked pot.  Alas, I'm too much of a "straight white guy in suburbia" (as Brian Miller oh-so-non-smearingly dismis-- I mean, describes me) to have such a cool problem as these.
Oh, and thanks for declaring that people who disagree with Ruwart on the state's role in protecting children "are not libertarians. Period."  You forgot to add your customary disclaimer that you don't want to "purge" anybody.  Pop quiz: how is anybody who disagrees with you on the need for the state not in violation of their membership Pledge?