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Friday, May 16, 2008

David Nolan's potty mouth

"Desperation" is using potty-mouth epithets.  I traffic in facts.  The fact is that Rothbard indeed used vicious personal attacks against the moderates, writing
    * Never again Clark. Never again Crane.  Never again!
    * betrayal of principle
    * wimps and mushheads
    * not a libertarian!
    * deviations from libertarian principle
    * when such people sell out principle it becomes necessary to attack them
    * Leninist caucus discipline
    * hopefully will never be heard from again
The facts are all available in the references at
The first link there tells how the entire leadership of Rothbard's Radical Caucus abandoned the LP for the GOP.  One of Rothbard's top lieutenants, Emil Franzi, went on to endorse the Iraq war.  Rothbard's right-hand-man and Platform co-author, Bill Evers, worked for Bush in the Iraqi occupation government.
David, I just have two questions for you.  Are you proud of the way the LP's radical leaders like Rothbard and you treated LP moderates in the early 1980s?  Is that the way you want to be treated by LP leaders who disagree with you?