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Friday, May 16, 2008

Rothbardianism is vague? LOL

Tom, you "plumbline" radicals need to get your story straight.   Did Rothbard and his hyper-detailed Platform define the "plumbline" like he claimed to, or not?  Your candidate Steve Kubby calls himself a "plumbline" Libertarian and told us:
SK) We have very clear principles, and once you master those basic principles it's fairly easy to determine what the Libertarian position is going to be on any given issue. But it takes a while to get those principles down and to understand "oh, well that also implies such-and-such".  (SK
To call Rothbardianism vague is laughable.  The man's literary output was simply legendary, and he rigidly enforced the Rothbard line.  He force-fed the LNC a detailed strategy resolution in 1979 that the new ersatz Radical Caucus still recycles parts of.  To find any space between themselves and the voluminous texts that define plumbline Rothbardianism, radicals like Walter Block and Alex Peak seem to need only one hand to count their deviations from "Mr. Libertarian".  Ms. Hogarth calls herself "Rothbard's intellectual love child", but she "holds low the banner" of Rothbard's principle that parents have no binding obligation to feed their children.  (It wasn't until 2000 that the LP Platform finally disagreed with Rothbard on that one.)