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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Ignorance of Garris, Peak, Nolan

Eric, the fact that a longtime movement activist like you could have no clue as to what a principled minarchist thinks is the proper role of government is exactly the problem with the LP.  Here:
Alex, I'm getting bored of correcting your ignorance about Platform proposals.  The Restore04-backed minority report includes 9 of the 13 most extremist positions of the 2004 platform. See the table at
I deal in facts.  My slides are grounded in textual facts about the 2004 platform.  Meanwhile, David Nolan last night claimed that reformers want to legalize only medical marijuana and to only cut marginal tax rates.  You probably don't even know enough about the two competing platform drafts to know how wrong he was.  Stop engaging in character assassination, and educate yourself.