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Friday, May 23, 2008

No planks deleted via Denver token voting; SoP change fails

Only two planks received sufficient tokens to be subject to retention voting: Reproductive Rights and Immigration.  Both were retained in voice voting.  Hopefully this just means that the delegates don't want to risk making the Portland crater deeper.  In tomorrow's Platform debate, the PlatCom's proposed planks will be added before the old planks are deleted, providing a safety net against making the crater deeper. 
The Bylaws Committee proposal to change the Statement of Principles foundered on a protest of the Chair's ruling that the proposal correctly construed the failure of Bylaw 14.2 to protect itself from change via 2/3 vote.   The text of the Bylaw is plain, but the delegates chose to ignore the text and follow what was arguably the intent of the authors of the Bylaws. This may indicate that the Denver delegates have more of a taste for anarchism than might have been expected. :-)