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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maybe Nolan is The One

Kudos to David Nolan for deducing who is The One and what the Libertarian Matrix is.  He wrote:
DN) I’ll guess that “The Libertarian Matrix” (as imagined by Holtz) is an artificial Rothbardian fantasy world, and “The One” is YOU, THE DELEGATE TO THE NATIONAL CONVENTION. (DN
So now instead of watching the 24-minute movie in our booth, you can just ask David what happens in it.
If Susan "Bobarr" Hogarth is not amused now, just wait until she sees tomorrow's preview of the opening two scenes of the movie and tries to figure out which character might be based on her.  She may need to take more than one blue pill.
Props would go to Thomas Sipos for getting the first comment in, but the degree of difficulty drops when you don't bother to actually read the posting.  Read, fire, aim!  He may also want to read whether this posting was filed under "News" vs. "Humor/Satire".
If the Radical Caucus wants to spill the beans about what they're going to be doing with their booth in Denver, I as a newbie TPW contributor covering the Platform/Caucus beat will cover the story here.