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Monday, May 19, 2008

Better Than I'd Hoped

So far the Restore84 video and Matrix teaser have sparked multiple reactions from Nolan, Garris, Sundwall, Hogarth, Knapp, Sipos -- and even my new friend Angela who invoked her movement historian husband to try to add weight to her "nuh-uh".  There's even some guessing about who is The One. Nice. Still no sign of any of the three counter-moves I most feared.
Eric, that commercial has great production values, but it seems like it could be used by any third party candidate, and so perhaps doesn't really grow the brand of freedom or the LP.   Comparing a campaign ad to a teaser trailer is apples and oranges.  To compare apples to apples, you can wait until you see Tuesday's Matrix video that this teaser is promoting, or you can take a look at a couple videos I did this weekend that aren't teasers (but are still LP-internal).  One I'm releasing in the morning, and today's release was
"Trek tripe"?  Please, please get other leading skeptics of Platform reform to propound loudly in Denver about how the original Matrix movie was stupid or nerdy.  This whole thing could still be close, and we'll take all the help we're offered. :-)
Freeman, the board of the Reform Caucus has kept this Matrix project under wraps until now, but we're pretty sure you're going to enjoy what's in the pipeline.  At some point this week that pipeline will include a spoiler for one of the most unforgettable reveals in cinema, so if you don't know the secret of the Matrix movie then I envy your soon-to-be-ended ability to watch it fresh for the first time.
Susan, you're on the right track, and remember those lines when you visit our booth in Denver.  BTW, that song always takes me back to my first summer out here in California, where two different Shakespeare festivals (including Othello under the redwoods in Santa Cruz) did 1960s stagings that featured it.  I can't believe the 60s have now receded twice as far as they were then...
For other people venturing answers above, I'll hint that there are two questions asked in the teaser, and they're easier to answer together than separately.