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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ralph Needs To Ask Dr. Ruwart

Sounds like somebody needs to ask a tough question to Dr. Ruwart.
See also:
"Full safeguards"?  If you think the 2004 platform calls for the safeguards I say above are missing, then quote it.  Go ahead. Try.
I'm not on the side saying their proposed Platform is a detailed, comprehensive vision of how a libertarian society would operate, so spare us the trumped-up hypocrisy charge.  If you actually care about facts instead of boorish name-calling, my wet-dream platform is in fact more comprehensive on due process rights than either the Bill of Rights or the 2004 platform:  But if you want to see the best extant declaration of such rights, go to and search for the string "1948".
Your prove-a-negative objection is specious.  If I'm on trial for a capital crime in Ruwarchotopia, and you're the only witness who can place me far away from the crime scene, then I'd like to have a little more than just Scooby snacks to entice you to come to court and keep me out of the hangman's noose.
Still, nice try.  Mixed in with your name-calling, you actually strung together a few attempted arguments, and required me to cite some facts to rebut you.  This is progress.  Others here can learn from your example.