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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stop Whining And Get To Work

Looking primarily at stuff you agree with makes for a brittle worldview.  Hence the reaction to these graphics...
Kenny, if you want a sample of what I know about economics and political economy, visit LPplatform-discuss and do searches like
 Kuznets curves
 free rider problem
 club goods
 Tiebout sorting
 free variables in libertarian theory
 Pigovian taxes
 Nash-Cournot equilibrium
 Kaldor-Hicks efficiency
 moral hazard
 negative externalities
 natural monopoly
 Trolley Problem
 land value tax
 public choice theory
 Pareto optimality
 Prisoner's Dilemma
 Allais paradox
 Coase theorem
 asymmetric information
 Arrow's theorem
 Green tax shift
 corporate personhood
I'll post on TPW anything interesting and substantive related to the Platform/Caucus beat.  My very first post here was a no-comment copy of the PlatCom minority's propaganda mailer.  The propaganda that each side puts out is news.  If your side isn't putting out enough, then stop whining and get to work.