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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Has Eric Sundwall No Shame?

I've only one question for you Eric, since I know you won't answer two.
Given how you've suggested above that the finer points of ideology aren't terribly important to the retail politics you claim are your priority, why is it "petty bickering" for me to ask that our Platform not contradict my small-government minarchist principles, but it's not "petty bickering" for radicals to insist that our Platform not contradict your zero-government anarchist principles?  I keep raising this point, and my critics keep fleeing from it.  I can imagine serious attempts to defend this asymmetry, but the above exercise in character assassination doesn't even come close.
Your "picking on" charge is simply Orwellian.  All I did was defend my status as a normal suburban family guy after Angela Keaton out of the blue wrote about me:  "For Brain Bowl? Great choices. As missionaries to the Normals, not so much. Brian Holtz? Brian is exactly kind of libertarian we need to keep locked in the basement if we are ever going to appeal to normal people."
I challenge anybody to read and then defend your characterization above as anything but unfair.  So I guess I do have one more question for you: have you no shame, sir?