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Saturday, May 10, 2008

RE: Ed Clark on anarchism (video)

Morey Straus, noted motorcycle-riding non-pussy, writes on the GrassrootsLibertarians a message my response to which he's unlikely to fully quote there:
MS) Holtz is nothing if not repetitious.  (MS
Show me a radical claim I haven't rebutted before, and I'll show you a new rebuttal. 
MS)   He seems to repeat his dumbed-down version of history on nearly every post.  Anyone who is genuinely interested should look to the source for the whole story.  (MS
Number of facts Straus disputes: zero.
Number of facts Straus cites: well, raise your hand if you didn't know that Rothbard is dead and that the Koch brothers no longer donate to the LP.
BH) The LP's current radicals are a cargo cult who now have built a coconut-and-bamboo version of Rothbard's earlier formidable Radical Caucus, hoping their effigy will reincarnate the power ...  (BH
MS) The new generation of wanna-be Kochtopussies preach the same old path to hollow victories but lack the means to get their soapbox out of hock.  We don't have a Rothbard, and the moderates don't have a million dollar (1980 dollars) donor.  So what's his point?  (MS
The point, suitably dumbed down, is that the present Radical Caucus still apes the cadre-building LP-exclusive political strategy that Rothbard and his previous Radical Caucus long ago abandoned.  By contrast, the Crane/Cato moderates never made having such a donor any part of an official LNC strategy resolution, and the LP's current moderates aren't huddled around a graven image of the Koch brothers waiting for a reincarnation.