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Saturday, May 10, 2008

RE: Taxation is slavery

Yes, Starchild, I in fact keep a copy of L. Neil Smith's "Lever Action" speech on my site:

It's a favorite of mine because its intellectual vacuousness is matched only by the irony of Smith's complaint about "the foam rubber agenda being pushed on us by these Nerf Libertarians -- these low-fat, low-sugar, low- sodium, low-cholesterol Libertarians and their flavor-free, substance-free, courage-free, intelligence-free notion [...]"

It's the one in which, buried deep in mounds of swaggering self-promotion that would make Wayne Root blush, Smith said:

LNS) I made a calculated habit of putting my _worst foot forward_, always starting with the Libertarian position on guns whenever I was speaking with liberal groups, and with our position on drugs when I was speaking with conservatives. For those genuinely interested, I'll go into my reasons for having done that, for the method behind the madness, another time. (LNS

So it seems that, by his own account, his speech doesn't explain your theory of why shouting "taxation is slavery" is smart.  However, I'd be curious to see you have the guts to practice what Smith preaches, and have the LPSF make absolute gun rights its lead and central message with every audience in the People's Republic of San Francisco.  I'm sure that will work really well.