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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Side by Side

An innuendo artiste at work.  Let me try:    I was very disturbed to learn that the nice yellow banana I packed in my daughter's lunchbox on Friday had been replaced by a half-brown one when we opened her lunchbox today -- a time period during Rob Power's yellow platform mailing was sitting on my kitchen table next to the lunchbox.
I'd love for the delegates to be able to compare in particular all the novel language -- at least hundreds and hundreds of words -- being proposed in Rob's draft side-by-side with with the two or three clauses of new language in the PlatCom's draft.  Unfortunately, even though Rob is asking the convention to approve more novel language than any convention has been able to process in decades, his subcommittee ignored requests that it do what mine did: identify each word of novel language (and who proposed it would be nice too).
Delegates who want to be fully informed about their Platform options can visit the most comprehensive site on the subject, the only one not afraid to link to all side's information:  In fact, the version of Rob's draft on my site is more easily searched because it's not split across two pages due to a limitation of his wiki, and my wiki has a far more detailed and fine-grained history of his draft's changes than Rob's own wiki does.
I'd love to think we've heard the last of slurs and epithets like "retard" and "the people behind the platform nuttery are getting more deranged by the day."  But I'm not betting on it.  The opponents of Platform reform know from the public survey data that they are extremely unlikely to win on substance, and so they will continue to fabricate complaints about process and engage in character assassination -- secure in the knowledge that if enough mud is thrown, then it will be too much work for the delegates to sort out the truth.