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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chris Bennett Thinks Libertarians Play Identity Politics

Chris Bennet wrote:

CB) You disgust me. People like you and the Retard Caucus are the ones who are bent on pushing many of us out of the party. Republican-lite is NOT what I joined this party to begin with. (CB

LOL. Chris, my article is all about KEEPING anarchists and radicals (like you) in the LP — even though doing so weakens the influence of minarchists like me. Even so, I’d rather we work together inside one party and present to voters a united front for freedom.

What’s “retarded” is to claim that LP reformers are “Republican lite”. They despise the GOP’s pandering to the religious right and its empty lip service to free markets. They regularly vilify the GOP for its tolerance of laws regulating prices, minimum wages, maximum hours, equal pay, plant closure, family leave, hiring, firing, occupational licensure, insurance policies, zoning, rents, product safety, drug efficacy, fuel efficiency, pollution mitigation technology, parental media control, media copying technology, etc. They berate the GOP for its failure to use its legislative majority to start privatizing any of our socialized systems of education, health care, health insurance, agriculture, and retirement savings. They bitterly attack the GOP for its support of regulations and bans on gambling, suicide, substance use, pornography, gay marriage, sexual services, reproductive services, and cloning.

I’ve already posted my complaints about the Barr campaign, and why I supported other candidates over him.

P.S. “Racist”? Wow, is there no epithet you won’t stoop to using?

CB) how many minorities did you recruit into the LP or are you part of that “freedom is only for the angry middle-aged white male crowd”? (CB

Chris, you need to read Do you really think playing cards from the bottom of the identity-politics deck will work on a libertarian audience? Everybody I’ve ever tried to recruit to libertarianism is in the smallest minority of all — the individual.

Caltrop, I’ll eviscerate your “pro-mass-murder” slander just as soon as you acquire the intellectual courage to put your name behind it. Until then, thanks for the back-handed compliments. :-)