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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seth Cohn Sees A Cabal Controlling the LP

Seth Cohn, clear as mud. :-)  What votes?  Who "joined the Reform Caucus and used it to get where we are now"?  All three of the Reform Caucus leadership who ran for party office in Denver lost.
Of the few Reform Caucus leaders whose presidential preference I know, more preferred Root than Barr. Reform Caucus meetings in Denver drew no more than ten people. The Reform Caucus in Denver put zero effort into the presidential race, and all its effort into Platform and SoP reform.  We lost on SoP because delegates are instinctively suspicious of any change that appears to involve procedural gymnastics. We won on Platform because the delegates -- who don't care about caucuses and mostly don't know they exist -- wanted a repaired Platform that could be adopted in one day, and we had worked hard to offer one to them.  Despite all the angst leading into the Platform debate, and in sharp contrast to Portland, there have been very few complaints about our new Platform, even from those who fought its adoption.  Instead, they are blaming the Reform Caucus for an LP nominee that the Reform Caucus didn't endorse, and sometimes even using the Reform Caucus's own repaired platform to hold that nominee's feet to the fire.
There indeed appears to be a functioning majority on the LNC, but you could call any LNC majority a "cabal".  Chuck Moulton recently pointed out that very few LNC votes break on ideological lines. There are plenty of LNC members whose ideological leanings I have no information about, and I'd welcome anybody shedding more light on what our LNC members think and do.