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Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Heal Your Apostles
It's fascinating that Mary Ruwart is all about love and healing, and yet for her campaign she surrounded herself with people like Steve LaBianca and Jason Seagraves (who wants to name-call us the "Defraud Caucus" while insisting we use his pseudonym G.E. so that his venom doesn't hurt his freelance writing career).   Is there anyone so prominent in the LP (one a Ruwart nominator on-stage in Denver, the other an LNC alternate) who spews more vicious hateful personal venom on the libertarian blogs than these two?  While Mary is healing our world, she might want to also heal some of her apostles.
(Jason, if you censor this comment, then at least have the decency to also edit away the name-calling you've indulged in above.)