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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The LNC Would Rubber-Stamp Ron Paul

Michael Seebeck, a motion nominating Ron Paul would easily sail through this LNC in the event of a vacancy for either spot on our ticket.  Paul would get at least 13 out of 17 votes, and quite possibly all of them.  Barr's offer does not mean he thinks a letter from him is in itself sufficient under our Bylaws to put Paul on our ticket.  If Barr had made the equivalent offer to, say, Chuck Baldwin or Jesse Ventura, that too would not have been a Bylaws violation, any more than me offering to levitate is a violation of the law of gravity.
By the way, I bet the Barr campaign loves the smokescreen of Bylaws-violation charges, since it helps hide their real mistake here, which was to insult Paul and his fans with the VP offer while skipping Paul's press conference.
P.S. Is "usual meaningless" and "stupid presumption" the standard of conduct you really want to be setting here?  Given all the serious and valuable work you do for the LPCA, I would expect better from you.