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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wayne Allyn Root Can Compare Two Integers

Sorry, Seth, but until you actually have something to say, I'm just going to put you down as having said nothing.  :-) You can go play Deep Throat with somebody who thinks Root needed "convincing" to take -- or had anything to exchange for -- the VP spot.  Root is not the most brilliant mind to ever contest the LP nomination, but a basic skill in his profession is the ability to compare two integers.
Robert Milnes, I "fell for" nothing with Barr.  Despite the recent contretemps, his campaign is far, far from making me regret the one vote I cast for him, to keep the LP from nominating an anarchist who said she was "fully attuned to the Libertarian philosophy" and said she can "really explain to the American people what we truly are all about".  We all know what that explanation turned out to be.