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Monday, September 22, 2008

RE: [DFC] Green Libertarianism

Jason, I've not heard of any libertarian caucus within the Green party.  Given how socialist they are, I'd be surprised if one existed.  However, the current LP Vice Chair Michael Jingozian attempted to be a Green/LP fusion candidate this cycle, so I'm cc'ing him to see if he has more information.

Paul Gagnon wrote

PG) Without a reasonable amount of oversight, the game crashes before the markets can correct themselves. [...] LPers have only ideological prisms to observe the world. (PG

The modal LPer is not an anarchist.  The modal LPer believes at some level that government is necessary -- i.e. that market failures exist.  Even the anarchist movement historian Brian Doherty concedes "it has been mostly definitive of libertarians to believe that government — federal, state, or local — should be restricted in its functions, generally to the protection of citizens' lives against force or fraud and the provision of a small set of so-called public goods that could not be provided by free markets."  For the textbook description of the proper functions of government, see

However, no Libertarian -- and indeed, very few economists -- would say that the proper function of government includes insulating individuals from their bad borrowing decisions and firms from their bad lending decisions. If you can't see (e.g. here and here) how government created the moral hazard that led to the current Democrat-endorsed spasm of corporate welfare, then there's no point in debating which of us is looking through thicker prisms.