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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reform Caucus Destroying LP Records?

"Destroying LP records" -- LOL.  I maintain what is probably the web's most comprehensive personal archive of LP records:
"copies of the Dallas Accord" -- LOL.  The Dallas Accord was never a written document -- unlike the Denver Accord:
Your rape analogy is worthless -- nobody ever proposed using a little rape to prevent more rape.  You have to decide which you hold most dear: abstaining from all possibility of force-initiation, or minimizing its net incidence.  Doctors hate pain, but the competent ones don't throw away their hypodermic needles.
I take my definition of libertarianism straight from the man who wrote the book on our movement, Brian Doherty: "it has been mostly definitive of libertarians to believe that government — federal, state, or local — should be restricted in its functions, generally to the protection of citizens' lives against force or fraud and the provision of a small set of so-called public goods that could not be provided by free markets."