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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voters Not Agents, But Still Have Moral Duty

Harland Harrison wrote:

HH) A Representative, as Brian Holtz wants to be, represents the entire population of the District. The voters who can choose him must also represent that population. (HH

HH) The State of CA has codified my actual legally enforceable duty. My duty is small, but real: I must vote in secret (HH

No, there is no legal requirement that absentee ballots -- the topic that started this thread -- must be filled out secretly.  It's not even illegal to fill out your spouse's ballot for her signature -- a fact that would surely have appalled the suffragettes.

HH) As a voter in CD 14, I have a moral duty to the population of that district (HH

This sounds like traditional bring-the-pork-home politics.  A true libertarian would argue that a voter's moral duty is toward everyone within the reach of the power of the officials and laws voted for, regardless of us-vs-them lines drawn on maps by statists.  Of course, this moral duty is nothing like the sort of agency relationship that is a sine qua non for bribery to properly said to have taken place.