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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Allen's Not Paying Attention To

Allen, I can't agree that this discussion of vote-selling has been "useless".  In it I've
  • learned about the essence of bribery and the circumstances required for it to be criminal
  • realized how agency makes jurors and congressmen ethically different from voters
  • learned about recent innovations in secure auditable voting sysytems
  • decided that I oppose insecure (e.g. absentee) ballots
  • discovered that the premier anecdote of 2004 Ohio vote fraud is an urban legend
  • realized that to a geolibertarian, voter residency requirements in effect enforce a rule of "no representation without taxation", and that this is a good thing
  • clarified my views on voter competency testing and on-ballot disclosures about candidates
  • strengthened my conviction that all laws against peacefully influencing voters are unlibertarian
I'll concede that in this discussion I haven't learned anything about Harland that I didn't already know or strongly suspect.  :-) 

I don't engage in these discussions to enumerate the myriad areas where libertarians agree, let alone to change the mind of the person I'm debating.  My (admittedly selfish) purpose is to clarify, challenge, and improve my own positions and the arguments for them.

As penance, here are a couple items you might find not quite so useless.

1) Nine Libertarian videos I've recently made:

2) I just got my shipment of 250 Libertarian frisbees ($414 from that I'm now starting to distribute on campus at Stanford: