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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brian Miller Self-Refutation: Pricless

Fear not, "Bri", there's no mistake you could make that I would think you're original enough to be alone in making.

Let's calibrate here.  What has your favorite past LNC done to "advance the cause of liberty or get more votes or access for LP candidates" that this LNC isn't doing?  And what precisely are these "energies" of yours that you have ever "invested" in a past LNC that you're thinking of withholding from this one?

You're the one who said the charges against Angela -- that her access was the reason why the Barr campaign did not want to have a data-sharing contract with LNC -- were "baseless".  Either you have some reasons why we should agree with you that the base does not exist, or you don't.

Miller posts dripping with strained condescension -- a dime a dozen.  Miller posts where he self-diagnoses his own logical fallacy -- priceless.