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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brian Miller Gets His Facts Wrong Again

No, "Bri", it doesn't make a difference if you add an "s" to "libertarian" in the searches I mentioned.  We in the web search business call that "stemming".  Also, Google News DOES show results from both the NY Times Sunday magazine and from The Advocate. Google News archive search (which goes back more than the default 30 days) finds an Outright mention in The Advocate, but finds seven times as many mentions of Root in a political context as it does of the Outright Libs. So it still looks like you would lose that nigh-unverifiable bet about Outright getting more impressions and attention than Root.  Talk is cheap; facts aren't.

Here's Root on the GOP: 

"The Republican Party became the party of greed. They sold out from the taxpayers to the lobbyists and the lawyers and the big corporations, big oil, big pharmaceuticals, big farms, defense contractors, and Stevens of Alaska is just one single great example of what's happened."

"Both of [the major parties] are all wrong. Only the Libertarian Party allows you to be both Right and Left -- to be both fiscally Right and socially tolerant -- more freedom, less government, more rights for the individual, less government intrusion. Only the Libertarian Party believes that government's job is to protect all of us standing here today from others -- robbers, criminals, rapists, murderers, foreign invaders -- but not to protect us from ourselves. And ironically, the protection we all need most in this year 2008, I'm sorry to say, is from government. Think about the list I'm about to rattle off: Hurricane Katrina, the war in Iraq, Walter Reed hospital, warrantless wiretaps..."

As I said, Root attacks the GOP far more strenuously than Barr does.  In the entire campaign, I never heard Barr attack the GOP this harshly, or lay out the LP brand distinction this clearly.  But Brian Miller doesn't like Root's crush on Palin, so I guess I was wrong about whether Root's rhetoric was better than Barr's...