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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jim Davidson Breaks My Irony Meter

Davidson's powers of inference lead him to think that I apparently can't read.  I challenge him to cut and paste some text from the BTP's platform or program that asserts a position with which the LP disagrees.  I'd promise to get my 8-year-old to read it to me, but of course no such text exists, and so Davidson won't be pasting it.  But he'll definitely again be vouching that I bore him and should be ignored.  Bank on it.

Davidson apparently doesn't know how to step back from a lie, even after it's been exposed. I've never demanded "loyalty" to the LP, and (as I said above) instead advocate the freedom of the LP and its members to endorse across party lines when that is the best play for liberty.  Davidson is again lying when he says that "some research would turn up a few of his calls for loyalty".  Instead, it would turn up quotes like these:

2004-06-07: I would define a true libertarian as an advocate of increased liberty, no matter whether delivered via elephant, donkey, torch lady, or carrier pigeon.

2004-06-14: I'm in fact a minarchist liberty monger whose primary loyalty is to human freedom rather than to any elephant, donkey, or torch lady.

2005-09-08: The goal is liberty, and the path to liberty is -- increasing liberty. There aren't any teleporters or wormholes available to warp us forward. I'll take any conveyance along that path, be it donkey or elephant or torch lady. I'd forsake my lifetime LP membership in a heartbeat if the Demopublicans or Republocrats came to their senses and enduringly supported increasing liberty.

2006-07-11: My loyalty is to liberty, not to any politician or torch lady or elephant or donkey.

2008-03-01: we need to 1) work with other third parties on electoral reform, and 2) cure the LP of the brain damage that makes it reject fusion candidacies or any other possibility of supporting the most freedom-increasing ballot choice when that choice is labeled with a donkey or elephant instead of a torch lady.

2008-03-12: I personally don't care if increased liberty comes from a donkey or an elephant instead of from a torch lady, and I wish more of us had the time to be moles for liberty in other parties while also working within the LP.

When will your lying stop, Jim?  I guess your answer is in @58: "I’m obnoxious and disliked, I know it’s true. So what?"  Your comment 58 also tells us everything we need to know about the BTP, when you say somebody who disagrees with you "ought to shove off and run his own stupid little party."  That comment broke my irony meter.