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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mob Rule In Denver

Michael, I'm very confident there was nobody acting in an official capacity there as parliamentarian.  However, we know there were quite a few registered parliamentarians in the room: Carling, Moulton, Mattson, and I think Karlan too.

The last time that I know of when Redpath had a professional parliamentarian beside him acting in an official capacity, the body in question summarily overruled Redpath's attempt to follow the parliamentarian's guidance on the one substantive question that was put to her.  This was in Denver, and the question was whether Bylaw 14.2 secretly means "Articles 4.1 and 14.2 shall not be amended..." where it says "Article 4.1 shall not be amended..."   The delegates chose tyranny of the 51% (i.e. mob rule) over the principle that people are bound by the plain text of the agreements they enter into.  The parliamentarian was apparently quite shocked and appalled at how her guidance was loudly ignored.