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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Democratic Freedom Caucus direction

Since you asked, I'd like to see more communication and coordination
between the Democratic Freedom Caucus and other freedom organizations --
the Republican Liberty Caucus, the Libertarian Party and our Reform
Caucus, the Campaign For Liberty, various Georgist organizations,
freedom-oriented think tanks, etc. Given the sprawling size of the
multi-faceted freedom movement, it's just sad that there isn't a Vast
Freedom-Wing Conspiracy in America. (And if there already is, would
somebody please tell me the secret handshake?)

I also respectfully submit that the DFC has a special responsibility to
bird-dog the Democrat Congress and the new Democrat administration. The
reason America is mired in collectivism and entrenched privilege is
because 1) Americans practice identity politics instead of idea
politics, and so 2) Americans oppose groups they fear more than they
support ideas they favor. The DFC will have a chance over the next four
years to show that it cares more about the 'F' in its name than it does
about its 'D' identity.

Brian Holtz
Secretary, 2008 LPUS Platform Committee
Board Member, LP Reform Caucus
Board Member, LP California