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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Logic, not English

Harland Harrison wrote:
DC) The only answer is to allow the formation of overlapping cantons, in this way we can all truly be free. If you think about it, anyone that wouldn't support such an idea must be an authoritarian control freak (DC

HH) It seems quite logical to me people who want to control others would not like these competing governments. [...] May I ask, most respectfully, if everyone in this exchange is a native speaker of English? (HH
It's a question of logic, not English.  To suggest that your statement supports Cicconi's would be a textbook case of
HH: If you're an authoritarian control freak, you don't support overlapping cantons.
BH: I don't support overlapping cantons.
DC: Then you are an authoritarian control freak.