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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Disagreeing With Starchild == Not Going Anywhere

Starchild wrote:
> This discussion unfortunately doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
Well, it's certainly not going where you want it to go -- to the
conclusion that criticism of Ruwart's position on children's rights was
> you do not seem to want to truly examine that parallel
I've explained why I think the parallel doesn't show what you want it to
show. Please don't pretend my comprehensive and prompt replies
constitute some kind of unwillingness to examine it.
> and as long as you are not going to address my comments and questions in a
> straightforward manner
I've answered your every question to me (except for the ones that
depended on an assumption that I disputed), and I've responded to your
every objection to my statements. I wouldn't bother to respond at all
if that weren't my policy. (I don't want to be like the cop on Futurama
who announces through the bullhorn: "Come out! We have you partially
surrounded!") If you think I've missed something, please quote it.

Or don't. If you don't want to connect this discussion to actionable LP
reform topics, then it remains very off-topic, and I'm sure it is trying
the patience of the list. In fact, if anybody doesn't want me to keep
responding on-list, drop me a line privately and I'll confine my
responses to LPplatform-discuss.