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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Re: [LibertarianReformCaucus] Can we focus on the topic?

Starchild wrote:
> Please stop trying to make this about Mary Ruwart
You brought her up, not me. I gave you quotes and asked you, a
candidate for PlatCom, if you agree with them. It's up to you how to
evaluate the fact that they came from Ruwart. Feel free to ignore the
source if you wish, but don't use the source as an excuse to not talk
about your views on children's rights.
> I'm giving you *my* views, not hers.
If you were giving me your views, you would have answered my five
questions. Care to?
> I am not qualified to speak for her
I never ever asked you to.
> Are you prepared to say why you favor denying 5-year-olds, or 11-
> year-olds, whom you regard as incompetent, the right to make
> decisions about sexuality
I don't deny them the right. I deny them the presumption of competence
to exercise the right. Which part of "rebuttable" don't you understand?

I also refer you to the section on "emancipation" at