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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I, Brian Holtz, Was Wrong

The hyperbolic opinion of the already-announced 2012 candidate is duly noted. :-)  Aren't you the same Tom Knapp who told us that Ron Paul would seek the LP nomination, that the media would crucify Root for what you claim are his business scandals, and (a week before Denver) that "right now it looks to me like we [the Kubby campaign] can beat Barr" whose campaign is "on life support"?   We have to take these campaign-mode pronouncements with the correct tonnage of salt, just as when after the nomination Kubby graciously called Root a "sincere and effective spokesman for reigning in the government, restoring our constitutional rights, allowing states to determine their own laws regarding drugs and for the full legalization of medical marijuana. [...] I now believe Barr and Root are the strongest pro-freedom ticket we've ever had".

Thomas, I wrote "May 2007", not "May 2008."  So you, Thomas Sipos, were wrong -- in thinking that you had contradicted my assertion.  Are you going to admit that, or are you going to "weasel" out of using the formula you recommended to me?   (You're definitely an insider, by the way.)

Brian, I don't know what fraction of articles Google indexes from its sources.  You don't either.  You don't have enough intellectual honesty to admit it, but you were flatly wrong to suggest that plurals made a difference in the searches I did, just as you were wrong to say Google doesn't include the NYT sunday magazine or The Advocate in its index.    I've presented my evidence that Root's libertarian message reached a wider audience than Outright's.  You've claimed otherwise, but have presented zero evidence for your claim.  Oh, and thanks for retracting your objection to my claim that Root attacks the GOP far more strenuously than Barr does.  Next time, just object to what I actually write, rather than sharing with us your tediously sarcastic responses to the voices in your head.

Yes, Tom Knapp, your May comment that "we can beat Barr" was indeed some kind of royal radical "we".  I scanned your article too fast to check for the possibility that you, a member of the Kubby camp, were attempting to speak for your opponent Ruwart.  I, Brian Holtz, was wrong.  :-)

Your estimate of Ron Paul taking the nomination was 95% at one point, and may have even been raised to 98% IIRC.  I'd call 20:1 odds (or 50:1 odds) a prediction, but you don't have to if you don't want to.  :-)

You apparently are trying to say that Doug Craig was a last-ballot Barr voter who preferred Ruwart over Root.  If that's true, I suspect he's an extremely rare species.  Root elicits a studied disdain from his detractors, put nothing like the pure venom that Barr gets from his haters.